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January 17, 2013
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    Romano never was a happy child. Throughout his childhood he saw his younger brother get appraised for his many talents. But when he tried to find something that he could do. The more the list of things Romano couldn't do became larger. Eventually he stopped trying, because he was afraid that if the list grew even larger. The farther the gap grew between him and his loved ones. 


       When he was taken in by Spain he was afraid of being rejected. So before he could feel the hurt of rejection he rejected Spain. But slowly Romano found himself looking up to the gleeful country of Spain. 


    When Romano left Spain's house he was saddened, but he was happy. He was happy because he would be spending time with his brother Feliciano. But this silver lining did not last long. His brother had gained new friends, and he spent a great amount of his time with them. Romano found himself alone, like the times in his childhood. When his grandpa Rome would spend most of his time with Feliciano, and just a little with Romano. When he was ignored, and he felt that he would never be good enough.


    Romano feeling alone and rejected once more, began to build up walls he forgot he had built. Every now and then Spain would visit Romano. But he would visit less and less, being swamped with work.


    One day Romano finally got fed up with his loneliness He tried to think of something to do. But he was unable to gain enough courage to interact with other people. He was afraid of interaction with people. Afraid of having too much love to give; But having to bottle it back up because he wasn't able to express it.


    Romano went to his and Feliaciano's private wine cellar. There, they stored vintage wines that would make any wine connoisseur's mouth water. Romano went to one of his favorite collections. There he got a bottle of wine.


    He went up the stairs, to the kitchen. He got a wine glass and the bottle opener. He then went to the balcony. It overlooked the beautiful Italian night. When he opened the bottle, he smelt the years that were stored in the bottle. He then poured himself a glass of wine. He stared at the night as he drank.


    At his fifth glass of wine, Romano started to feel a surge of courage. He did something he wouldn't have normally done. He took the bottle of wine, he was too annoyed with the amount of time he wasted pouring himself a glass. He felt it much easier to just drink it out of the bottle. He swaggered down the stairs to the house phone. He then dialed the number of the only woman who had ever caught Romano's eyes. This woman was you.








    You never expected a call in the middle of the night; especially at such a late hour. Who could it be you asked yourself? No one you knew would be crazy enough to call at such a late hour. You dragged yourself out of bed and went to your living room. You found your phone on the couch. *beep*




"Hello", you said groggily. You heard heavy breaths on the other side of the line.




"Hello...ragazza", he said with a slur.




This voice was familiar to you, it was Romano.




"Romano, why are you calling me at midnight?", you were confused. Why would Romano be calling you, you burly knew him.




"I jus wanted to call youuu."




You couldn't believe it, he was drunk. 




"Um, Romano are you drunk?"




"Why would you thiink that, ragazzaa?", you heard something clatter on the phone.




"Romano, where's Felicaino? Can I talk to him?", you decided to talk to Feliciano. You were getting very worried about Romano's well fare. 




"Why do you...want to tallk to myy brotherrr? Am I not good enough foorr youu?” you heard him voice break. Then you heard something shatter. You couldn't take it anymore, you were to worried. Romano and Feliciano lived in a two story house, and not only that. There were knives, stairs, and edges of furniture. Who knew what could happen. You slipped on your robe and slippers, and went to Romano's house. Guess it was a good thing you lived right next to him. That's how you knew Romano and Feliciano. The first time you met them was when you were out in your balcony watering your plants, and Feliciano and Romano were out having tea out on their balcony. Feliaciano greeted you cheerfully but Romano looked annoyed that they were interrupted. But Feliciano made Romano introduce himself. Let's just say you fell for Romano the first time you saw him. It wasn't there on the balcony. It was in the street, that's where you saw him for the first time. Then and there your heart belonged to him.




    You knocked on the door, yet there was no answer. Being too anxious you opened the door. You found Romano in his living room floor crying his eyes out. You were heart broken by the scene. You slowly went up to him and took hold of his hand. 




You softly said, "Romano, why are you crying?"




He raised his head and scoffed, "Because you would rather hang out with my brother than me. The woman I love would rather spend time with someone else rather than me."




You were surprised by what he said. You had spent nights without sleep, trying to figure out if he loved you or even noticed you. And here he just admitted to you that he loved you. Romano must have taken your silence as proof at what he said. He dug his head into his hands and started to cry even harder than before.




You hugged him closer and said to him, "Romano...I...I love you too." 




You started to console him and he started to calm down. Then Romano said very softly, "Do you really mean it?"




"Yes, Romano I really meant it."




Romano smiled brightly and hugged you with so much force you had trouble breathing. After he loosened the hug you yawned.




Next thing you knew Romano was apologizing. "I'm so sorry ragazza, I didn't mean to wake you up in the middle of the night. You must be tired."




He tried standing up but he lost his balance. You had to support him. He looked at you shyly and said with his hand on the back of his head, "Guess I went a little over board on the drinking." You laughed, "A little Romano, you’re walking like a sailor."




You went up the stairs still supporting him; you then took him to his bed. He then started to take off his pants and shirt, you blushed. "Romano, what are you doing?" Romano looked at himself and then at you. He then said, "What? I can't go to sleep in jeans. And this shirt is to stuffy." You let it go, at least he didn't take off his underwear or undershirt. It's not like you were going to sleep in the same bed or anything. Romano then got into his bed and you went up to him gave him a kiss on the cheek and then said good night. When you were going to walk away you felt yourself be pulled back. You turned around and saw Romano with puppy dog eyes on and he asked if you were leaving. You knew he was lonely and you couldn't leave him like that. And you were quite exhausted. It wouldn't hurt anybody you thought so you got on the other side of the bed and waited for sleep to come. When you were almost asleep you were awoken by the cold night. The blanket wasn't enough; you weren't the only one who was cold. Next thing you knew Romano had wrapped his arms around you and he was cuddling you. Finally your eyes closed and you fell asleep.






When Romano woke up he felt the unforgiving sensation of a hangover. He didn't want to wake up or open his eyes afraid of the banging headache he had. He was too consecrated on the pain going on in his head. He forgot to notice the light breaths of the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. Then the realization dawned on him. You were in his bed and he didn't remember what happened the night before. He lifted himself up then looked at his doorway; there he saw Spain smiling widely. 




Spain winked at Romano and said teasingly "I can hear the pitter-patter of little feet in the distance."




Romano turned red with embarrassment and then annoyance. He jumped out of bed and ran after Spain. Using the colorful language of his, he painted Spain every color in the rainbow.




With all the screaming and shouting going on around the house you woke up. You were happy and well rested. You put on your robe and went downstairs. There you found Felicaino humming happily making breakfast. And Spain and Romano were chasing each other. Feliciano then took notice of you and invited you to sit down. You did, and he served you some tea. You happily sipped at it. Then Feliciano turned around, wiped his hands on a cloth and said in his happy cheerful voice. "I can't wait to be an uncle. Spain told me that you and my brother, um, you know..." You almost choked on you tea, you completely spaced out the situation. They had found you both in bed together. Anyone would speculate. You turned so red you felt your ears heat up. Then you heard someone cough, you turned you head, and saw Romano with a deep scarlet painting his cheeks.




He then cleared his throat and said, “Um, ragazza can we speak privately know…about what...happened last night?"




You were going to have a long morning. 

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